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history of the ur-mashup

Before they became The KLF, they were The JAMs, and they managed to get into quite a bit of trouble. So much so that they had to withdraw their album What the Fuck’s Going On? from sale, and destroyed all but five of the copies after failing to meet with ABBA and arrange a detante. Luckily, despite its near-complete destruction, it can be downloaded, and may now achieve ubiquitous appreciation.

random links

Captain Picard's Journal
Bollywood remakes FIGHT CLUB (I thought there is no fighting in Bollywood movies, so this should be interesting to see how they handle it. I predict Jets vs. Sharks.)
John's Secret Lego Page (Full of Lego movie recreations of famous scenes)
Pictures of amazingskies:

request: glassbreaks

Does anyone know where to get the Glassbreaks mashup collection anymore? I only managed to download two very impressive songs before it got cease-and-desisted into oblivion. A web location or even a drop at or would be just swell. Swollen, in fact.

It looks like the masher is still at it; I’ll be looking for The Beastles next...

Update: Got it! Rather, both of them. Thanks!

ashley wood

Ashley Wood’s work at Drawn! The Illustration Blog


The advertisements for Nepia brand tissue are only moderately weird by Japanese TV ad standards, with their box-headed, animal printed hosto-man type characters. I just find it sophomorically funny that the only female character is a sexy woman for the “wet” line of moist tissues. These run Windows Media only, sorry. (And not friendly with the last edition of Microsoft Windows Media Player for Mac and Firefox, to my experience.)

any landing you can walk away from...

Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong has played host to some of the most dramatic landings outside of a warzone. The approach appears to have required a banking turn before approaching a very short landing strip on what appears to be a reclaimed land island in the harbor. Check out the last portion, the on-strip course adjustment of this landing. Or this barnstorming flight over a park. Worst of all, imagine yourself as a passenger on this flight.

real-world, real-time mashup

Gorillaz’ Feel Good, Inc., and whatever Madonna is doing (her legs are too distracting for me to parse her music) were performed at the Grammy award ceremony. This is particularly impressive when the fact that the Gorillaz are a virtual band of cartoons that appear onstage with the arguably real Madonna. Check out Madonna vs. Gorillaz.

advertising moment (not that i’m getting paid for it)

In case, like me, you missed them, all the Super Bowl XL Commercials are on Google Video. The unaired GoDaddy ones are some of the most pathetically groping and misplaced use of sex to promote goods and services that I have ever seen outside of a beer commercial. Pepsi might well have noted that “brown and bubbly” is also an accurate descriptor for explosive diarrhea. On the other hand, the MacGyver ad is cool.

no maps to these territories

My friend Andrew, over at Yukihime, notes some not-so-united states as represented in a Japanese-developed game. His description made me laugh:This map is basically what would happen if you got a bunch of Japanese guys in a room, got them drunk, and then asked them to draw what they could remember about America on a bar napkin.Make sure to check out the actual map; it looks like it would be a fun place to live.

critical hit

I think I’ve met the gamers represented in Fear of Girls at various times in my gaming life. It might have been at one of the three or so gaming conventions I attended; I have not played with these types, but I know they exists. I know how they smell as well, unfortunately. (lj gamers)

how to avoid bad sushi

I am usually against people who use the “-san” honorrific on themselves, but Eugene Ciurana’s Sushi Eating HOWTO is full of good tips:
Warning signs that you probably won't get good sushi
The fish and other seafood are not on display at the sushi bar
The fish and other seafood on display look dry
The sushi chef or (worse) a food server wants to take your order for all sushi items at once
The sushi chef doesn't give you a chance to order "one or two pieces at a time", Japanese style
The restaurant advertises "all you can eat sushi" for a fixed price
The menu items are not listed in Japanese followed by a translation; they appear only in your native language
The menu consists mostly of rolled sushi with names like California Roll or Oriental Delight
More than half of the available ingredients are cooked
The sushi chef hasn't the vaguest idea of what you're talking about if you ask for kazunoko, shiso, inago, chirashi, or yama gobo
The morsels of fish atop nigir…