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weedmaster soul

reverse culture shock

I left Japan on-time at 15:25 Sunday afternoon, flew 9 hours to SFO, landing at about 08:30... at which point United Airlines had their typical domestic service string of incidents by changing the departure gate no less than three times, then slipping the listed departure time from 10:25 to 10:50, to 11:05, then 11:10. The joke was on us though: once we boarded the plane, a telltale light had to be investigated, keeping us at the gate and seatbelted until nearly 13:00. At no point during any of this trip was I able to sleep, though I had a brief, alarm-controlled nap after I finally got to the Miyako Inn. I've had two hours sleep in the last 30 hours, so I'm a bit punchy. This may be amplifying some of the effect of what I've experienced today, but there is also the nature of the seriously weird, cultural flip-flop I've had being here less than 10 hours.

Pulling into d/t Los Angeles in a cab, the view is really stark. There are vagrants asleep on streets that smell str…


Attention K-Mart Shoppers!
This lad is off to E3 for a week of geekcentric carnivale. I’ll be leaving this site alone for the duration, most likely, and will leave it to the Gamespots and Kotakus and Joystiqs of the world to deliver any related news you'll need. Actually, considering how many meetings I’m going to attend, it’s likely I’ll have to check all those sites afterward to figure out what I missed.

In the meantime, in the interest of getting the blog un-broke, I’ve reverted to the base template and activated the Comments via Blogger’s default, instead of trying to get HaloScan to work nicely. The previous Comments, the main victim in this case, will be played by Tony Danza in the feature film version. Unless I find an RSS feed for Blogger Comments, I plan to eventually go back to HaloScan.

midichlorians always make me feel that way

the colbert report

Comedy Central said yesterday that it was giving Mr. Colbert his own show: a half-hour that is expected to follow The Daily Show on weeknights and will lampoon those cable-news shows that are dominated by the personality and sensibility of a single host. Think, he said, of Bill O’Reilly and Chris Matthews and Sean Hannity.
Stephen Colbert’s show will spoof the personality-type news shows.

Where The Daily Show and its host, Jon Stewart, generally spoof the headlines of the day (and the anchors and reporters who deliver them), Mr. Colbert’s program will send up those hosts who have become household names doing interviews and offering analyses each night on the 24-hour cable news channels. The program, which is expected to begin appearing on Comedy Central as soon as early fall, is being produced by Mr. Stewart’s production company, Busboy Productions.
New York Times: Daily Show Personality Gets His Own Platform


Is this current layout, as I see locally, entirely fuX0red in Internet Explorer on Windows? It looks fine on Firefox, and really messed up in IE on my current machine.


Tastes vary. Here is one person’s ideal version of Lost in Translation.

train wreck (continued)

There has been nothing except the JR West Japan train wreck on the news for the past five days. Any time the news is on, it is about the train wreck.

There was an interesting story the other day, written by a man who’d narrowly avoided the accident. He’d been on that train, but had been holding his pee for a few stops, and when the train overshot its mark at last station prior to its accident, he had to wait an extra minute for it to back up and open its doors. Even though it wasn't his stop, he couldn’t hold out much longer, so he got off at the current station after the train finished backing up to where it should be. As he left, he was going to leave his sports page on the overhead rack for anyone else to read, but another passenger was eyeing it, so he handed it to him. He avoided that train wreck, and was wondering what happened to the fellow passenger that he had only just handed off the reading material.

The media, as usual, is looking for a scapegoat. Rather than blame it …