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Tiny paper birds.

Tiny paper birds., originally uploaded by Ollie Crafoord.

Warren Ellis in FILAMENT Magazine

"At what age is it best to crush a child’s dreams so that they have an easier time stepping in to the status quo?"
You fool. You do not do such things to children. A child is like a poison missile you aim at the Future. You encourage, fund and resource their dreams to the fullest extent of your capability, knowing that your reward will be the pain and misery of generations yet unborn. (link)


PoisonMissle, originally uploaded by mckenzee.

Warren Ellis T-Shirt Of The Week #002: HUMAN BACON

wyld vestallyns!

IMG_1296, originally uploaded by jackfrost2012. My pal Andrew came back to Japan for an all-too-brief visit.


“There has grown up in the minds of certain groups in this country the notion that because a man or corporation has made a profit out of the public for a number of years, the government and the courts are charged with the duty of guaranteeing such profit in the future, even in the face of changing circumstances and contrary to public interest. This strange doctrine is not supported by statute or common law. Neither individuals nor corporations have any right to come into court and ask that the clock of history be stopped, or turned back.”


ahiru2, originally uploaded by andrew_alfonso.

"do you like our car noise?" "is it artificial?" "of course it is."

Slashdot Technology Story | Nissan Gives Electric Cars Blade Runner Audio Effect: 'A campaign backed by automakers and some lawmakers to make electric or hybrid cars noisier in a bid to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists has taken a strange, Blade Runner-type twist. Nissan sound engineers have announced that the Leaf electric car set for release next year will emit a 'beautiful and futuristic' noise similar to the sound of flying cars — or 'spinners' — that buzz around 2019 Los Angeles in Ridley Scott's dystopian thriller based on a Philip K. Dick science fiction novel.'

new sanrio franchise


TEQUILA-INCREDIBLE, originally uploaded by toysrevil2.

i am loving this comixed site

foofy ninja!

unexpected white, paco, originally uploaded by stylecunt.

Jellyfish Attack Japan

Boingboing is covering the "assault" of jiant gellyfish which are arriving in droves in Japan. Here's a snapshot of Osaka I took from my window this morning of the very event.

District 9 APC parked outside the Marriot

District 9 APC parked outside the Marriot, originally uploaded by scott_j_ludwig. Neato. So looking forward to this movie.

tactical/engineering explore a suspicious-looking sinkhole

all in a row

, originally uploaded by maggot.

“the name's 12... MK12”

In 2003 I blogged about Ultralove Ninja, a song and video which became a point of obsession for me. It's James Bond sexy spy riffs mashing suggestively against ninja magic and kitschy, smooth computer graphics just overwhelmed me. I've still got the remixes from their promotional site on my iPod.

The other day the wife and I watched the newest Bond movie: Quantum of Solace; I was utterly stoked to see the opening credits attributed to MK12. This is like the kid that grows up doing backyard wrestling moves on a 16mm camera getting their debut in the WWE. And it's fantastic:


Using Virtual/Physical Locations, mispeled wants to turn you all into LARPers in an Augmented Reality game. Sign me up. I've been interested in this kind of game for the past few years: instead of making a cellphone game which uses the limited hardware of a cellphone to emulate the kind of play common in front of a TV set, why not use the features of the handset more robustly. They've all got communication ability with some kind of network, they all have microphones, most of them have cameras... why are they all striving to be an ancient Super Nintendo with painfully inappropriate controller layout instead of embracing the broader range of their technology?

I've always assumed the reason is the limited demographic size of any one handheld layout, and prohibitive development costs to accommodate the hardware, coupled with the "gatekeeper" nature of the telecoms keeping so much of the financial pie to themselves that it was just prohibitive. With the iPhone's …

sound advice from bathroom stalls

(via Sarah)


, originally uploaded by maggot.

Red's Java House

Red's Java House, originally uploaded by Laughing Squid. I've never even been here, but this makes me homesick.

Mini bacon mac & cheese bites

Mini bacon mac & cheese bites, originally uploaded by karins_pics. NOM NOM NOM!

urban patrol kitty

, originally uploaded by maggot.

obama & fillmore, san francisco

obama & fillmore, san francisco, originally uploaded by *takeitez*. thanks, starchy!

and to think this (probably) isn't even a parody...

, originally uploaded by Foxtongue.