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rampage is high-larious

Punch, punch lines make Rampage a star - MMA - Yahoo! Sports:
Regardless of its origin, Rampage will wear his chain – a new one, he’s not sure what happen to that old one – Saturday when he enters the octagon to defend his title against Forrest Griffin at a sold out Mandalay Bay Events Center. The sports books have him as the heavy favorite.

He may even wind up wearing the chain in Hollywood if, as rumor has it, he takes the role of another famous chain-wearing badass in succeeding Mr. T as B.A. Baracus in a remake of “The A-Team.”

Whether he gets the part or not – “After this fight, I find out” – America should see a great deal of Rampage in the months to come. He’s the ultimate combination of devastating fighter and oversized fun, perhaps the only man in the world capable of headlining a UFC pay-per-view card and a Vegas comedy show."

“I spent about $8,000 on extra tickets because everybody watched me on ‘Ultimate Fighter,’–” he said. “I’ve got uncles and aunts like 80 years old.”J…