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clever marketing for Japanese version of Dante's Inferno

Though if it's that hot, I'm also worried about "the tenth ring of hell" a little later on in the day. (andriasang)

more on "project ten dollar"

'Project Ten Dollar' will alienate consumers, warns retail | News: "According to Chipsworld MD Don McCabe, the only people that will be affected directly by these moves will be consumers, who will find the resale value of their games is suddenly much lower than they're used to.

'The person you're pissing off the most is the consumer,' McCabe told 'This affects [them] directly - they pay the same amount of money and yet the resale value is much reduced. From a retailer's point of view, they'll just readjust [the price] bearing in mind you have to buy the voucher"

that would be good in a hot pot.

fascinating new stunt for dlc implementation: project ten dollar

Downloading the Future | Editorial: "Downloadable content is, beyond a doubt, the burning issue of the year so far. On every major gaming news site, a story about DLC is bound to attract hundreds of comments, many of them brimming with outrage from consumers with strongly held views. Within the industry, conversations are (usually) more civil, but the question of what it's appropriate to release as DLC and how to integrate it into a business model is hotly debated.

This week, another log has been thrown on the fire, with EA boss John Riccitiello telling BusinessWeek that the company's inclusion of premium DLC codes in new copies of Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins were no coincidences. This is the vanguard of something EA calls 'Project Ten Dollar', it seems - an attempt both to limit the appeal of the second hand market, and to claw back some revenue from those consumers who continue to buy used games."I've been expecting this for the past two or thr…

our game getting “face time” in USA Today is a sign

New features for next 'UFC' game unveiled - Game Hunters: In search of video games and interactive awesomeness: Developers will update moves for its Sway and Posture Systems to help with dodging standing strikes and deliver stronger attacks from varying positions.
Online, players will be able to form fight camps and leagues as well as train with human opponents to prepare for online matches for fights in Career Mode.
During Career Mode, the game will track each player's action and use data for in-fight commentary and opponent intelligence.

Binary, with tea

Binary, with tea, originally uploaded by monamerique.