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behold! the “mona sleestak”

monar faces (a lingering draft since 7/28/04)

(´∀`) and ( ´Д` )

These guys are called モナー (monar), and I am assuming the origin of this word comes from 「お前もな」. There's a lot of 2 chan lingo, and 「お前もな」 is just one of them.
Another 2 chan lingo that I know is 厨房 (chu bo), which means kitchen, but it actually means 中坊 (chu bo), a middle school boy (beginner).

A lot of Japanese engineers and otaku's are VERY familiar with these 2 chan lingo.

Try 逝ってよし (itteyoshi) to your fellow Japanese engineer colleague, when you want to criticize someone. (via tokyopia forum)

i’ll be looking into this

Pixel: Photoshop for the Linux Crowd | Compiler from "Linux users unhappy with the GIMP image editor may want to take a look at Pixel, a cross platform image editing application, which more closely mirrors the behavior of Adobe Photoshop. Although Pixel isn't free in either sense of the word — a licensed copy will set you back $38 USD and the source is not available — in terms of ease-of-use Pixel trumps the Gimp on a number of levels."

TEXT (source)

if there were ever any doubt that i'm all for freckles:

siren, originally uploaded by isto-ica.

I'm on a freckles kick.

, originally uploaded by -kirra-.


Mars, originally uploaded by Federico Erra.