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sutiru araibu

On the verge of meta-ing myself into oblivion: geek wageslave-turned-geek minstrel, Jonathan Coulton, recently created a song for game developer Valve, which is used in The Best Game Ending Ever for their highly original game, Portal. If an internet-based, Creative Commons-friendly singer songwriter isn't futurismic enough for you, how about hearing said song as covered by a Japanese virtual idol in nearly unintelligible, katakana-accented English?

between you and me

PostSecret - I've posted about it before, but it bears revisiting:PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard.

one-one-one - the blog is moving

NONTRIVIAL ADMINISTRIVIUM; the b l o g : it will be m o v i n g... to hosting at blogspot, as it affords better access to new Google tools. So find me here: i started my.bicycle, I wanted a simple tool to put text and links up on my private domain here. It seemed like a good safeguard against data loss: I'd have's copy on their servers, another copy on my personal domain's servers, and whenever I wanted to I could make a local copy as backup, or for editing, on any machine I currently used.

Good grief, times can change. Blogger was a single, somewhat dubious option in the blog tools field, and it was unclear what Google was going to do with their new toy. Just as when SixApart bought LiveJournal, there is a trepidation on the part of users that their efforts are going to be gobbled up by the whim of some corporate decision to "take their ball and go home."

At this point my desire to have local backup in addition to…