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don’t be a dick, tracy!

Venerable comic detective Dick Tracy is now is taking on copyright infringers! (waxy)

knowledge is power... for *real*

A SHERIFF, a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN in her thirties, has a
revolver leveled on Jack from the kitchen’s open back
door. Jack smiles, raising his hands.

You shouldn’t point those things at
people. They’re dangerous.

Only if I pull the trigger.

I wasn’t talking about the gun.

Neither was I.

They stand there a moment, confused by their own wit.

From the script’s opening to Ben Stiller’s Heat vision and Jack, a pilot that was not picked up, but is available for viewing on the interwebs.

call for assistance

I need help with a hefty, professional favor. We need video footage (preferably on MiniDV video, though other formats would probably be fine) of a dirty back alley, New York style, and evening shots of Las Vegas neon and marquee lighting. “New York,” is more of a descriptor than a parameter — if there are similarly urban and gritty and somewhat scary alleyways in your city, that’ll work too. “Vegas” may need to be Vegas though; it is pretty unique. I am looking into whether or not the supplier of said material could be listed in the Special Thanks section of the videogame in which it will be used, it is probable but not guaranteed (my company is developing, but not publishing, so it isn’t our call).

Update: If you supply content, we will be able to include your name in the Special Thanks section of the credits.

le parkour as escape method

Luc Besson's Banlieue 13 features an insane escape sequence. I keep wondering if this would be an exceptional example of a thief in GURPS using a high Acrobatics skill and an inhumanly high Area Knowledge skill. (i am a human inbox)

advance war fandom

I am a big fan of Advance Wars for Nintendo GBA even though I haven't finished the first one. It turns out, in terms of fan-ness, I am a lowly n00b compared to the creators of this set of inspired papercraft models and the guy who reverse engineered the game to make it playable on the web

kingdom of loathing

Way back in the day, I heard about Kindgom of Loathing (KoL). When I went to check it out, it looked silly and amateurish and maybe influenced by the hipster ├Žsthetic. Then, months ago, my anything but hipster-positive friend Monty pointed it out, so I looked again but still somehow resisted registering. Today I finally caved, and I am in like with this game. Not in love, but definitely something positive, as I am jonesing for more Adventures. Some compulsive statistician rules guy in the forum made a FAQ with a lot of the basic functionality, and there is a good article at wikipedia about it, but I am more enjoying the brief stun followed by chuckles that come from figuring out a game that uses meat as its main currency, and requires a language test administered by the Ghost of the English Language before allowing use of the chat feature. (thanks, monty!)

gimme a little kiss!

Mini-Kiss: an all midget KISS tribute band. (Music for Maniacs)

holy crap, that is an ugly dog

Whoa. Now that is a a completely unappealing pooch.

some deep thoughts

The New Yorker: Shouts and Murmurs: WHAT I’D SAY TO THE MARTIANS
by Jack Handey
People of Mars, you say we are brutes and savages. But let me tell you one thing: if I could get loose from this cage you have me in, I would tear you guys a new Martian asshole.You say we are violent and barbaric, but has any one of you come up to my cage and extended his hand? Because, if he did, I would jerk it off and eat it right in front of him. “Mmm, that’s good Martian,” I would say.
(D’oh! I forgot — THANKS, TimK)

pee tee vee

Sony has launched a video portal with content preformatted for PSP called “p-tv.” No, there is no complete collection of Beat Takeshi’s Castle on it; apparently that’s still what BitTorrent and the 3G Converter tool are for.

There is apparently a requirement to download from the site directly to the PSP via a USB cable, bypassing the interim PC in an attempt to preclude piracy. Are there areas on the Memory Stick that can be placed off limits to being read as a normal storage device? Does the user get to set that partition, or is it possible to have some proprietary app arbitrarily get all Manifest Destiny on your MemStick and land grab the bulk of space there?

“now my victory is complete!”</vader>

Yesterday Apple finally managed to get iTunes Music Store open in Japan. Apple, based in Cupertino, California, said iTunes would charge ¥150, or $1.34, each for 90 percent of its songs and ¥200 for the other 10 percent, undercutting some services, like Sony’s Mora, which charges ¥210.
Offerings from Japanese artists on Sony labels will not be available on iTunes, said a spokeswoman for Sony Music Entertainment, Kiyono Yoshinaga.
“We are in talks with Apple, but we have not reached an agreement at this time,” she said, declining to give details.

zombie attack!

Zombie attack in San Francisco! I wish I could have eaten a brain with this mob. (boingboing)

largely carnivorous

They say that if a person has a pet cat and dies, if the person’s body is not found fairly soon after death, the cat, having not been fed, will become ravenously hungry and eat the dead person's face off — JUST the face!

Is this true? My cat often looks me in the face. I used to think he was just being friendly. Now I know he's just sizing me up, like a chef at a butcher shop, waiting for “the big day.” Since hearing this rumor, every time my cat licks his chops it gives me the willies!
Snopes’ most ridiculous questions(boingboing)


Joey Comeau of the excellent and oft-copied A Softer World is promoting his self-published novel, Lockpick Pornography:Lockpick Pornography is a book about a boy. It is about a boy in search of the feeling that he’s a part of something queer and strong and worthwhile. When he reads about "the movement" in the paper, or see queers interviewed on TV, he doesn't feel like a part of that. He doesn't feel like he’s represented by that toned down image they've created to help straight people "tolerate" gay people. He wants to be a part of something more honest.

He goes to lesbian bars dressed as a drag king. He struggles to reconcile his belief that gender is a construction and an illusion with his complete lack of attraction to women. He forms a terrorist cell to smash the heterosexual state. He punches a girl because she looks like Paris Hilton. He thinks too much.

Lockpick Pornography is a book about figuring out what it means to be anything anymore. It is a…


katamari blockacy

A real “roll your own” Lego MOC. I want the little prince minifig!