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, originally uploaded by maggot.

A rare sighting: Rock Band 2 Special Edition for Xbox 360... IN JAPAN

A rare sighting: Rock Band 2 Special Edition for Xbox 360... IN JAPAN, originally uploaded by chronovore. A friend will help you move.
A real friend will help you move a body.
Weezie will help you ship an oversized, heavy box across an ocean. THANKS, Weezie!

Christmas Coke Bombs

Christmas Coke Bombs, originally uploaded by Laughing Squid.

“Have you ever killed a human by mistake, Mr. Deckard?”

How to Retire an Andy |
Start out each day by dialing for a businesslike and professional attitude on your Penfield.Always review your poop sheets.Keep informed about the newest model of android, and what they're capable of.Never laser a human by mistake.Never become emotionally or romantically involved with an andy. It's illegal and you may develop empathic feelings for it.Thanks, TimX; I'm particularly enjoying the glib tone of "Things you'll need"...

Take that.

Obama Wins!, originally uploaded by joshua m. neff.

i did it

obama-logo, originally uploaded by mckenzee.


My friend, Chris Sturgill has a real paper-and-ink comic coming out: egg. It looks good, so buy a copy. Chris was a fantastic artist on my Joust remake team at Midway Games West (old Atari: holler out, yo.), and is currently avoiding me on Xbox Live for projects like this. ;-)

i collect spores, molds, and fungi

English Russia � Slime Molds: "Macro photos of slime molds 8"


rednecks, originally uploaded by mckenzee.

geography: FAIL

see more pwn and owned pictures

Thanks, JP.

request for insight

ASUS | Eee PC: I'm seriously thinking about getting one of these for email/web use around the house. My wife loves the little Panasonic Let's Note r4 which work provided to me, but it's work's machine, not mine -- and by extension "not hers."

Do any of you have an opinion on these little buggers, or suggestion of alternatives for similar functionality?

Batman and Robin and Batman and Robin and CRAZY

“that’s how i roll...”

Legibility is terribly street. , originally uploaded by sdemory.

Minutemen group picture

Minutemen group picture, originally uploaded by sdemory. More and more excited about this movie.

rampage is high-larious

Punch, punch lines make Rampage a star - MMA - Yahoo! Sports:
Regardless of its origin, Rampage will wear his chain – a new one, he’s not sure what happen to that old one – Saturday when he enters the octagon to defend his title against Forrest Griffin at a sold out Mandalay Bay Events Center. The sports books have him as the heavy favorite.

He may even wind up wearing the chain in Hollywood if, as rumor has it, he takes the role of another famous chain-wearing badass in succeeding Mr. T as B.A. Baracus in a remake of “The A-Team.”

Whether he gets the part or not – “After this fight, I find out” – America should see a great deal of Rampage in the months to come. He’s the ultimate combination of devastating fighter and oversized fun, perhaps the only man in the world capable of headlining a UFC pay-per-view card and a Vegas comedy show."

“I spent about $8,000 on extra tickets because everybody watched me on ‘Ultimate Fighter,’–” he said. “I’ve got uncles and aunts like 80 years old.”J…
, originally uploaded by maggot.

the weather in osaka today is...

, originally uploaded by maggot.

my son

Why is it kids are so hard to wake up on the weekdays, when they need to go to school, but are UP LIKE TOAST on weekends when I want to sleep in?

Dollhouse Trailer

Edit: Already deleted from YouTube; sorry if you missed it. This was a trailer for Joss Whedon's new series, "Dollhouse," about operatives who can have their memories altered to become new people.

rainbow time by blueshat

rainbow time by blueshat, originally uploaded by benchilada.


Happy Easter, all!

0322081701.jpg, originally uploaded by the Other michael.

“i am...”

tony stark marvel minimates drinking beer

another way to get data in you

rX19MGJQd4fz4r4oGg9WXW8E_500, originally uploaded by warrenellis.

Picard, FTW.

Picard, FTW., originally uploaded by chronovore.

behold! the “mona sleestak”

monar faces (a lingering draft since 7/28/04)

(´∀`) and ( ´Д` )

These guys are called モナー (monar), and I am assuming the origin of this word comes from 「お前もな」. There's a lot of 2 chan lingo, and 「お前もな」 is just one of them.
Another 2 chan lingo that I know is 厨房 (chu bo), which means kitchen, but it actually means 中坊 (chu bo), a middle school boy (beginner).

A lot of Japanese engineers and otaku's are VERY familiar with these 2 chan lingo.

Try 逝ってよし (itteyoshi) to your fellow Japanese engineer colleague, when you want to criticize someone. (via tokyopia forum)

i’ll be looking into this

Pixel: Photoshop for the Linux Crowd | Compiler from "Linux users unhappy with the GIMP image editor may want to take a look at Pixel, a cross platform image editing application, which more closely mirrors the behavior of Adobe Photoshop. Although Pixel isn't free in either sense of the word — a licensed copy will set you back $38 USD and the source is not available — in terms of ease-of-use Pixel trumps the Gimp on a number of levels."

TEXT (source)

if there were ever any doubt that i'm all for freckles:

siren, originally uploaded by isto-ica.

I'm on a freckles kick.

, originally uploaded by -kirra-.


Mars, originally uploaded by Federico Erra.