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BLDGBLOG: Moebius Underworld

“(...) in which a train on the subway system of Buenos Aires suddenly disappears and a mathematician is called in to examine the mystery.” – BLDGBLOG: Moebius Underworld


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New for Playstation 2: "Daibijin" (GIANT BEAUTIFUL PERSON) Play as the Japanese Self Defense Force as they battle against a giant, bikini-clad woman who is trying to destroy Okinawa. (via waxy)

thanks for the news flash, clark kent

"Nokia CEO concedes N-Gage sales slow; Jorma Ollila concedes sales of his company's game deck have been disappointing." -- in other news, I concede that the sky is blue. ' Nokia CEO Jorma Ollila made to a Financial Times reporter during a 3GSM prebriefing. The topic? The N-Gage. "The sales are in the lower quartile of the bracket we had as our goal," Ollila told the FT reporter.'
Uwe Boll, the German who inflicted House of the Dead on us, #28 on the Bottom 100 Worst Movies of All Time, is wrapping up "Alone in the Dark," starting "Bloodrayne," and is lined up to make a Far Cry movie next. This calls for the cinematic equivalent of "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything." Uwe, d00d. If you can't make something respectable...
(both via gamespot)

Update: Penny-Arcade's Tycho rants more extensively and eloquently on the Uwe topic than I've managed.